What is global dating?

World map of global dating destinations“Global dating” is an expression that means travelling to another country to date a woman. Usually, men from north america & western Europe would travel to latin america or Estern Europe to meet a Read more [...]

Observations about spanish women in Spain

Back in 2007, i lived in Madrid, here is my observations about local women. Here is what i noticed: Spanish women go out to Nightclubs very late. (around 1 to 2 am). They only stay 1 hour in the Read more [...]

How to seduce women in latin america?

I received requests about this question and i am VERY happy to answer because i wondered myself how to pick-up south american women for a long time. First of all, i must say i have never been able to know Read more [...]

Alcohol, an aid during dates with women?

Alcohol helps women to get rid of inhibitions. It also help men to get rid of inhibitions and get more confident. It is not politically correct to say it but alcohol often ease seduction and dating. In Read more [...]

Don’t become a slave of women

They are so many stereotypes and urban legends today. Medias and social pressure encourage men to be women’s slave. They impose on men an image of what they should do to be proper boyfriends or husbands. Read more [...]

Advices on bringing a woman back to your hotel

If you need for some reasons to go to a hotel, be aware of the hotel choice in order to avoid any unknown factors if you come back with a woman to an hotel. 95% women don’t take a look at the hotel quality Read more [...]

How to pick-up a woman in a group of people in a lounge?

If a woman is starring at you but if she is surrounded by one of several men. Just wait when she goes to toilets. Then, just stay with your cell phone at a strategic point between the toilets and the bar Read more [...]

Dating a woman you knew before in a barlounge or nightclub

First of all, arrive early when there is nobody and no competitors. Choose an isolated seat. The best places are those where you can get intimacy thanks to the seats configuration in the room. The seats Read more [...]

How to choose a dating place?

According to my experience, women have put me in a difficult situation each time i decided to follow them at a place of their choice. I remember going to a night club called Fabrik (London) with a 100 Read more [...]