What is global dating?

World map of global dating destinations

"Global dating" is an expression that means travelling to another country to date a woman. Usually, men from north america & western Europe would travel to latin america or Estern Europe to meet a woman.  Today, several dating agencies are specialized in global dating. They are usually called international dating agencies. They find customers in USA or western Europe and … [Read more...]

You will never find the most attractive latin american women in the USA or Europe

Are there lots of south-american women in Spain? Guys from USA or north of Europe may believe that Spain is full of sexy south american women because of its so called cultural proximity. I say "so-called" because there is no cultural proximity between Spain and south-america. Spain is really a western european country. South-american countries have nothing from western … [Read more...]

Observations about spanish women in Spain

Back in 2007, i lived in Madrid, here is my observations about local women. Here is what i noticed: Spanish women go out to Nightclubs very late. (around 1 to 2 am). They only stay 1 hour in the nightclub and then they go away. Beautiful spanish women don't go out too much in the night. You will see them in the day doing shopping on Friday and Saturday afternoon. You … [Read more...]

How to seduce women in latin america?

I received requests about this question and i am VERY happy to answer because i wondered myself how to pick-up south american women for a long time. First of all, i must say i have never been able to know before visiting latin american countries for several reasons. Many western men who travelled to south-america never really explain how things are working there. Where to … [Read more...]

The male bashing problem in the western world

In the last 10 years, i have seen the rise of male bashing amongst all women aged from 15 to 90 years old. At the beginning, i thought that only young women would do that at high school but after sometimes i discovered that male bashing was even popular amongst women aged 80+ Today, many women criticize men for what they are. So, in this context, it is difficult to consider … [Read more...]