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I created this website because i think the dating and seduction issue is not so much related to a man’s personality as its environment. The goal of this website is to help you to get the best seduction and dating techniques to seduce and date women and avoid traps. I also discuss travelling to Eastern Europe, Russia, South America and other part of the world to seduce women and find a girlfriend or a bride abroad. I also tested the major online dating websites and i have an honest testimonial about it.

After 50 sexual partners and 15 visited countries, i want to share my knowledge with you. I think it is very difficult for a western man today since the female expectations are very high. I wish i found such a website when i was in my early twenties from an older man who would gave me good advices. So, i want to contribute.


  1. Ash says:

    This seems to be one of the only genuine seduction sites on the net ;) Your advice is pretty solid and I think it comes from experience rather than the weird theories of pick-up artists.

    Would you agree with me that looks are the most important factor?

    • stepsahead says:

      Ash, thank you,
      About look, i think you are right, and i think i have to re-write my article about clothing. Wherever your living place in the world, women are very much influenced by look. I think this aspect of seduction is under-estimated by many. More importantly, i have seen lately that every woman were really sensitive to a man’s clothes. I have done a little survey and found that women preferred today the Jude Law fashion style. So, a casual jacket is the main accessory in this case. T-shirt,black jacket and that’s it. I am also against peacocking.

  2. henriduf says:

    Hi, i added some posts about dating and seducing women in south america and Russia. I am eager to get your feedbacks.

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